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One World

It’s all there, isn’t it?  Yes, there is a magazine called Executive Travel, and yes, it does list the three vibrant cities of New York, London and Cincinnati. So, incongruity is one of the key elements of humor and this … Continue reading

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Wash Your Hands

So I have spent a lot of time in hospitals lately.  And if that weren’t enough, we just finished mocking up a healthcare showspace upstairs at our headquarters location.  Creepily accurate.  And we are in the throes of the renewal process … Continue reading

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The Greek Problem

I attended the Chapman Economic & Business Review recently.  Good to hear that in general things are looking up, however anemically, for our region.  The headline read “The Recovery Creeps Along…Not much to quicken or retard the pace of growth”. … Continue reading

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My recollection of Raku is that it is a Japanese process of firing clay in heated earth that results in a really beautiful, unique and iridescent sheen.  It’s also a fierce, dirty and dangerous process. So I attended the Opening … Continue reading

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Today marks our ninth anniversary at Tangram and the celebration we hold annually in honor of our folk heroes who epitomize the values we prize the most. So, how do we know who they are?  What criteria define these heroes?  … Continue reading

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Game Face

The first quarter of 2011 provided many opportunities for investors to react emotionally to unexpected and disturbing events, and another example of the dangers of doing so.-Richard Gershen, City National Bank What a great quote. I read it today after … Continue reading

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