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Uncovering Lessons from Design History

A good industrial designer needs to be a student of history.  So much can be learned by examining products that are 50+ years old.  Some read design theory books or visit museums. My preference is to get my hands dirty; … Continue reading

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Case Study #22, The Stahl House

I had the opportunity recently to attend a showing of the Stahl House, Case Study #22 in the Hollywood Hills.  The house was made famous by Julius Schulman’s iconic photo of the house with two women sitting in the living … Continue reading

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Retinal Requiem

I am a ruined designer. My eyes burn red at the sight of standardized fonts (Comic Sans and Papyrus are the top two on my hit-list), and poorly used Photoshop preset effects (damn you bevel and emboss!). I went to … Continue reading

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People Ignore Design

Frank Chimero once said, “People ignore design that ignores people.” Well, Frank, I couldn’t agree more. To me there is nothing more frustrating than a chair that you can’t sit in, an uncomfortable couch and a table that isn’t level. … Continue reading


Design Language

Sometimes we can’t explain it. Our favorite pen, that go-to sweater that looks good on any day of the week, our beloved chair in the corner where we can curl up and read a book…they just make us feel good. … Continue reading

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Vintage is the Future

Recently, Tangram Studio was given an incredible opportunity to create a very well-known vintage clothing company’s new office space design. Known for their vintage bohemian style and worn denim, it is fitting that their new space will be located in … Continue reading

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Evolution of Design

In any venture to create something, you stumble down a path of discovery and evolution. You start with a concept in your mind and from that you try your best to translate it on to paper – therein lies the … Continue reading

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Sketch It vs. SketchUp

Sitting down to collaborate on a new custom office furniture project, the Tangram Studio designers grab their tracing paper and Sharpie pens to begin in their design process… The discussion begins with the question, “Who is the client and what … Continue reading

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Put a cork in it!

Now you won’t find this design in a catalog, but you will see it on the Tangram Studio website, because Studio designers are constantly trying to come up with innovative office design ideas and concepts that will blow your mind. … Continue reading

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