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Slow is the New Fast

I took a slow, wondering walk through my neighborhood the other day.  It was approaching that hour where the sky is still lit with the warm golden rays of the sunset, and to the east, electric blue getting darker with … Continue reading

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What Makes You Happy?

Have you ever simply walked into a space, and suddenly felt content? How about miserable?  Have you ever walked into a space and wanted to instantly turn around and walk out?  One of the greatest, yet seemingly invisible causes of … Continue reading

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One World

It’s all there, isn’t it?  Yes, there is a magazine called Executive Travel, and yes, it does list the three vibrant cities of New York, London and Cincinnati. So, incongruity is one of the key elements of humor and this … Continue reading

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Uncovering Lessons from Design History

A good industrial designer needs to be a student of history.  So much can be learned by examining products that are 50+ years old.  Some read design theory books or visit museums. My preference is to get my hands dirty; … Continue reading

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Case Study #22, The Stahl House

I had the opportunity recently to attend a showing of the Stahl House, Case Study #22 in the Hollywood Hills.  The house was made famous by Julius Schulman’s iconic photo of the house with two women sitting in the living … Continue reading

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Sadistic Whack-A-Mole

Every artist knows the creativity slump all too well. The Ultimate Brain Fart, “creative block.” (Dun Dun DUN!) You feel like your head is in a vice and you stare into the blank piece of your chosen medium as the … Continue reading

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Retinal Requiem

I am a ruined designer. My eyes burn red at the sight of standardized fonts (Comic Sans and Papyrus are the top two on my hit-list), and poorly used Photoshop preset effects (damn you bevel and emboss!). I went to … Continue reading

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Minions vs. Masters

What makes an artist an artist? My best friend and I got into a very interesting topic of conversation the other night when watching a YouTube video from this guy “Hennessy Youngman” who produced an albeit hilarious, yet intriguing thought … Continue reading

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Case Story: Incipio

My first experience with Incipio was a quick overview with the designer.  We discussed what the scope of the project was and the overall design intent of the workstations. As always seems to be the case, this order came in … Continue reading

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Wash Your Hands

So I have spent a lot of time in hospitals lately.  And if that weren’t enough, we just finished mocking up a healthcare showspace upstairs at our headquarters location.  Creepily accurate.  And we are in the throes of the renewal process … Continue reading

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