Creating a Flexible, Collaborative Office Environment

Tangram Studio Benching ApplicationRecently, Tangram Studio had the opportunity to bid on a project for a local advertising agency that focuses on the Hispanic market. Moving into a fantastic building overlooking the ocean in Huntington Beach, they were looking to create a space that would represent their culture and their brand – all with a Latin flare which consisted of crisp, clean aesthetics and pops of color throughout. Enlisting the services of Donnie Schmidt from Lorcan O’Herlihy, (who was recently featured on the TV show ‘America’s Next Great Restaurant’), the client quickly decided upon integrating a benching system into their space to facilitate a highly collaborative, flexible and open environment for their employees.

Competing against us were two other manufacturers – both with solid benching systems. We knew we couldn’t simply create another benching system – so we took the Studio Approach and designed a better benching solution.

Tangram Studio Benching ApplicationThe benching solution itself has a powder-coated steel frame, but the first unique feature are the locally manufactured RTF worksurfaces.  Pressure, heat, vacuum, and adhesive bond the vinyl surfaces material to the machined MDF core resulting in a product that is easy to clean (no edges between the top and side) and provides a natural ergonomic profile with the machined edge. The surface is highly resistant to chlorine based cleaners and is very impact resistant. Then, we incorporated glass markerboard screens along the spine that can be used for impromptu, collaborative note taking but that also provide seated visual privacy. The screens can also be formed with plexiglass for additional cost savings.

But we couldn’t stop there.  So we engineered a rail system that attaches to the underside of the worksurfaces that allows for a kit of parts to be easily attached using a simple thumb crank. With the flexibility to adjust the components along the rail every 3 inches, an end user can move an additional privacy screen, storage box (which appears to “float” under the worksurface), a CPU sling (which can double as additional storage for laptop users) and even the entire return worksurface – all to create flexible, collaborative work zones.

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