Custom Office Furniture Solution Designed On Site

On the heels of another successful relocation project for the consumer electronics giant Belkin in Playa Vista, we received a referral from the real estate broker on that project to the architecture firm of Shubin + Donaldson who was working with GK Films, a production company in Santa Monica, that was in the process of relocating and was looking for a custom office furniture solution to meet their needs. After some great initial meetings with Project Architect, Ann-Sofi Holst, we were able to collaborate on a concept for the client and sketched out some initial plans as seen here.

Studio Sketch of Custom Office Furniture Solution

However, we wanted the client to have a chance to visualize the work that the Studio is capable of – so we suggested a field trip to one of our local Entertainment & Media installations. So we met at the offices of CBS Television in Burbank and introduced the client to the custom workstations we created for them. Not being limited to the standard offerings found in two-dimensional brochures of standard furniture manufacturers, the client was able to design their solution on site, using an existing real-life platform and kit of parts that could be personalized to meet their specific needs.

Custom Office Furniture Solution at GK FilmsThe GK Films new office space is an architectural gift; complete with a perforated stainless steel ceiling and raw concrete floors that provided the backdrop and opportunity to design furniture that could mimic the industrial atmosphere and yet compliment the overall refined aesthetic.

The final solution consisted of a panel-less system that still provided the visual separation and individual privacy that comes with traditional panels. To achieve this, tackable screens line the spine of the system and integrate “floating” overhead storage boxes that lighten up the space without blocking the sight-line across the office.  These storage boxes can also be found along the edges of the office space and in the private offices, offering the visually exciting depth of intersecting planes. Additionally, stained wood dividers in between stations not only match the side and end paneling, but were custom-matched to the doors of the private offices and compliment the crisp, clean white laminate worksurfaces. Acid-etched glass with mitered edges offset from the worksurface with polished spacers were used at the end of runs to provide additional privacy and double as a collaborative worksurface.

The Tangram Studio installation at GK Films is being highlighted by the AIA|LA Interior Architecture Committee on their Spring Tour 2011.

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