Slow is the New Fast

I took a slow, wondering walk through my neighborhood the other day.  It was approaching that hour where the sky is still lit with the warm golden rays of the sunset, and to the east, electric blue getting darker with every second.  As I meandered along the sidewalk with some happy music softly swooning in my ears, it seemed as if everything was right in my world.  With every step it seemed like I was shedding all of the stresses of the day, melting away all the minutes of traffic, loud noises, and annoyances.  Slowly I started to notice more and more detail in the world around me.  The pattern of the cracks in the sidewalk, how did they get there, I wondered, was it over time, or a quick snap of concrete in some big earthquake?   I noticed the tiny new buds on the Liquidambar trees that line the street, a sign that spring was emerging. The way the street lights seemed to burn orange spots of light onto the street.  I literally stopped and smelled the roses, several of them at that.  In this moment, it was like someone flipped a switch, I was totally connected to my surroundings, and totally in own little world at the same time… It felt like it was a magical ‘Moment of Clarity’.

Moment of Clarity

Moment of Clarity

In that ‘moment’, I realized several things.  In the modern world we have so many opportunities to be kind, and to inspire or be inspired, but in our day-to-day, it’s easy to rush around without paying attention how precious life is.  It’s so easy to forget to enjoy the journey. When you start to slow it down, even for just a moment, you will realize it opens up a space for you to deepen your understanding of what you truly want to achieve.  When you relish in the moment, it becomes apparent what truly catches your attention, and inspires you. 

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