What Makes You Happy?

Have you ever simply walked into a space, and suddenly felt content? How about miserable?  Have you ever walked into a space and wanted to instantly turn around and walk out? 

British Museum

British Museum

One of the greatest, yet seemingly invisible causes of both our happiness and misery is the quality of our environments.   We subconsciously study the quality of the walls, furniture, and architecture and how everything is married together into one glorious or horrendous picture.  Even to the untrained eye, the difference of quality is apparent, yet it is often overlooked or even thought of by some as frivolous and opulent. 

Living with the eyes of a designer can be both a blessing and a curse.  I find myself sometimes so enamored with a space, that it distracts my attention as I study the tiny details that make my heart sing, and all of my conversations are littered with comments about it.  Spaces can also have the adverse effect, and I am sent into an imaginary panic mode, redesigning the space in my head as if my life depended on it.

The thing that makes me happiest, is walking into a new space and feeling instantly content, and like everything in the world is in a perfect balance, it’s the next best thing to a great yoga pose! 

What makes you happy?

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