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It’s all there, isn’t it?  Yes, there is a magazine called Executive Travel, and yes, it does list the three vibrant cities of New York, London and Cincinnati.

Executive Magazine

Executive Magazine

So, incongruity is one of the key elements of humor and this one made me laugh, and then think.  We live in such an interconnected world that you probably could find identical counterparts in each of those three very diverse cultural markets.  You could find 3 guys dressed identically.  Three food trucks with fusion cuisine and lines around the block.  Sushi.  High speed Internet access.  People wearing Tom’s Shoes.  People wearing Lucky Brand Jeans.  Apple Stores.  Hell, there might even be 3 WalMarts.

So, it might be a dirty water dog in New York, bangers and mash in London and a coney in Cincinnati, but it is pretty much the same thing.  A hot dog. 

I was in a panel discussion two weeks ago at the Pacific Symphony Board meeting and we were speaking with the Presidents of both the Cleveland Orchestra and the Pacific Symphony. Two very different organizations facing identical economic and societal challenges in two very different markets.  While each orchestra hails from a different past, both face issues of relevance, social currency and cultural impact.  To say nothing of the shrinking attention span we all have to deal with.  That is a talk for another day.

A question arose about globalization, the idea of having a standard set and promoted through the expansive use of social and other media (recordings, DVD recordings of concerts, live streams, etc.).  And it was interesting to see the polarized response.  Many were against that.  What draws people to the art form is the personal, individual live experience.

Our clients are the same way.  You can see beautiful interiors anywhere you look, both real and virtual.  But the one that you can actually experience live is the one that matters most, in your own cultural context.  The one that fits your needs and wishes and reflects you.  In London, Cincinnati and New York.

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