I Am Family

The other day I had the privilege of listening to our esteemed leaders speak at our 9th anniversary company party. There at the party Joe, Jack and Nick (all dressed alike in playful garb – as usual) each took their time at the podium to discuss what Tangram’s Culture is and how it makes us so successful as a company and a team.

The Culture they were referring to was not our brand identity, but how we are known as a company verses how people can perceive us through a tagline, or logo. He is specifically referring to our values, environment and that overall impression people have when they interact with us, as a company. So our culture is made up of: who we are, what we do and how we do it, all so well. Joe handed off the microphone to Nick, and with the sound of applause slowly fading in my mind, I landed in deep thought how I personally relate, and fit into this Culture and it took me back to my first impression of Tangram, and how it’s culture made me feel as a young design student eager to embark on my future.

I was kindly greeted by Carol our receptionist as I walked into the Tangram Santa Fe Springs showroom for the first time. Knowing I was nervous, she offered me a drink and directed me to the nearest restroom to freshen up. When I returned to the lobby, I was approached by Paul, the Director of Human Resources. With a kind smile and warm persona, Paul held out his hand to introduce himself to me. We chatted for a few minutes and I remember him being very understanding and encouraging to me; he even gave me a few tips that would help me have an even more successful interview. I remember thinking to myself, “he didn’t have to do that.”  Because of that kind gesture, I entered my interview with an even higher confidence.

I sat down with Joanne, the Director of Design, and we talked about why I wanted to work at Tangram. Although my impression of the company was fresh, and not very influenced, I was honest. I told her how inspired I was by the tagline Your Office Inspired – how that statement alone told me that Tangram cares to inspire their clients, and create an environment that is similar to the working environment I was toured through at Tangram. Paul put it best, “this is the Tangram Family; we work together, struggle together, and grow together. We are family.”

As a young design student, I didn’t know where I wanted to end up or if this internship was even a good fit for me, but I assured Joanne that I would work hard, make her job easier, and be a sponge. I wanted to soak up as much as I could every day. After viewing my portfolio, asking me a little more about what I expect from her as my mentor, she quickly decided that she would take a chance on me. Just like that I was added to the family. I was given an opportunity to inspire those around me and potentially clients, someday. I have been with the Tangram family for 4 years now and after being in the design department for a little over a year, I was transferred to the Studio department, where I found my home.

Back to reality, and Nick’s speech, he went on to talk about the character of Tangram and our thriving ability to not only get the job done, but maintain relationships with our clients. He then handed the microphone off to Jack, our Vice President of Operations.  Tangram does a great job as establishing relationships, but it is important to maintain them. Jack talked about understanding that every client has a voice and it’s important for us not only to listen to it, but listen and respond.

I am truly thankful for the job that I have currently, and I am even more thankful for the leaders I work under, and represent. My current Director, Charlotte, is an inspiration to me. There is not a day that goes by, where she isn’t challenging me and/or demanding excellence. In order for our team to remain successful, we maintain our teamwork. We maintain the relationships we have in-house, so that the relationships we establish out in the field are that much stronger. We respect, listen and work together to design the solutions and the same goes for our relationship with our clients. At Tangram Studio, we don’t just design and sell furniture; we get inspired and in-turn we inspire our clients, through what we deliver. We make promises to our clients, because we know we can keep them. So how do I contribute to Tangram’s Culture? By maintaining great relationships with my team and my clients and never forgetting I am a part of something bigger than me – I am family. 

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