The Boomerang Effects of Inspiration


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I experienced the boomerang effects of inspiration.  And how great that felt.  Although he is a customer, he is truly as much a friend if not more so than a customer.  But during dinner with my customer/friend a few weeks ago, I was sharing how it is important to “keep in touch.”  That the job market is so crazy that even smarter and more talented folks find themselves “looking for work.”  So the conversation was me talking about how on a monthly basis, with the door closed and no distractions, that a list of 10-20 folks should be called “just to say hello.”  That my customer/friend should be the one to reach out just to check in.  No solicitation.  No talk of how a delivery might have been late.  But just to say hello.

And then my customer/friend asked “Mitchel, how would you feel if I called just to say hello?”  And I said how awesome that would be because I like you and what greater way to stay in contact.  And perhaps by staying in contact, should the day arrive that you need help and I can provide it, it will be easy for me to do.  So we then started putting the list of folks for my customer/friend to call and just say hello.

Just as he was getting excited about the idea, I too was getting excited by his reaction.  Although I am 20 years his junior, his feedback so too inspired me.  We struck upon an idea that we ultimately both benefited from.

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