Get your holiday on!

My GriswoldsThe Griswolds…you know, the family from the movie who brought holiday decorations to a whole new level – every neighborhood has them.  Sometimes the “Griswolds” can turn a whole street into enough of a Wonderland that a full legal disclosure is needed when a family purchases a property on that street!


How does this relate to office space design you ask?  Well, considering that we spend many of our waking hours working, it seems only logical that the “Griswolds” would take their creativity inside to the world of office furnishings and turn their office into…well…the North Pole, a Nativity or Santa’s Workshop.

Are you a “Griswold”?  Do you work close to one?  If so, get your holiday on, take some pictures of your workplace environment and send those pictures in!  I will publish the top three pictures right here on my blog!

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