What color is your world?

Circle of ColorsFor several days this winter, mine has been cold, dark and rainy.  As we approach Valentine’s Day, red and pink abound!  Color sets a mood.  Color influences our emotions.  We respond to color whether in fashion, healthcare environments, personal electronics or office furnishings.  Do these colors chronicle our current time, reflect our recent past or influence our future?  Each year Pantone ® designates a Color of the Year.  Here is a look at the Pantone ® Color of the Year for the past five years:

  • 2006: Sand Dollar 13-1106  “Neutral color that expresses concern about the economy”
  • 2007: Chili Pepper 19-1557  “Outgoing, confident, connotes design savvy attitude”
  • 2008: Blue Iris 18-3043  “Satisfies a need for reassurance in a complex world while adding a hint of mystery and excitement”
  • 2009: Mimosa 14-0848  “Embodies hopefulness and reassurance in a climate of change”
  • 2010: Turquoise 15-5519  “Inspires thoughts of soothing tropical waters and a comforting escape from everyday troubles”

Concern, confidence, reassurance, hopefulness and a comforting escape…quite a range.  Let’s get ready for something different; something that affords the promise of a bright future…like the first day of sunshine after a storm.

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