What a day!

One of our industrial designers for Studio, the custom office furniture division at Tangram Interiors, is visiting with us for the week. For his first day with us, we arranged to visit some local Los Angeles based installations. What a pleasure it is when you are in the company of greatness, and watching the Studio Team review their work at LMU, UMPG, Light Manufacturing, KPCC and Dreamworks was totally awesome.

Custom Bookcases Custom Tables 

As you can see by the photos, the beauty is in the details. The Studio Team led by Charlotte Wiederholt with great assists from Jeremy Knapp and Ron Rousell, when talking design, is the absolute best. Listening to the feedback from end users and designers about their work is second to none.

Custom Table Custom Office Furniture

Seeing the design team on their hands and knees inspecting all of the concealed fasteners used for the Library Carrols at LMU and seeing Jeremy mentor Brad and Marlin about the qualities of felt at the KPCC installation and watching Charlotte show the benefits of a Cam Lock versus a Mod-Z connection at Dreamworks was truly outstanding. Seeing the curved panels installed at UMPG was also a site to behold. Working closely with Mozu, Studio designed a curved panel that was “breathtaking” to see installed.

We ended our day at Flemings at LA Live and it is obvious that Tangram Studio not only provides excellent and pristine design and finished products, but the team also knows how to enjoy themselves. In addition to working hard, Studio knows how to play hard. Working with Tangram Studio is like…not working at all.

Tangram Studio


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