Doodie Calls

Our blogmaster (for lack of a better term) gently reminded me that I’ve been remiss in writing recently and since he is somewhat giddy having just received his new iPad, I decided to humor him with the hope he would get me one too in exchange for this post.

Seriously though…his reminder did cause me to reflect: “What have I been doing?”  A recent and unique experience follows.

In the world of office space design “emergencies” happen with some regularity. In most cases, these are urgent situations where someone is surprised on a Thursday afternoon with a new hire starting the following Monday. While challenging and inconvenient, it is frequently part of the job…and it feels great when we can devise a solution!!

The Monday after Easter, we received a call from a client which could be classified as a real furniture emergency…but…you be the judge. It seems the tenant who occupied the space above our client’s completed some plumbing repairs over the weekend. The lines were clogged and needed to be streamlined. The plumbers went about their business and in clearing the lines, they broke through the pipes causing raw sewage to pour into the plenum space and spill into the suite below…on the furniture. Raw sewage (aside from being “narsty” to the Nth degree) is classified as “black water” in the plumbing biz and anything it touches must be destroyed (even using refurbished office furniture isn’t allowed)…because in coming into contact with the raw sewage, the objects it touches are “narsty” too! Eeeeewwwww! So sadly, the office furnishings (and personal contents) all have to be destroyed, the commercial flooring removed and bacterial levels monitored (with what I am calling a “germ-o-meter”).  Now picture this poor person receiving a call on Easter (or one of the last days of Passover) that what amounts to “doodie” has invaded her facility…you’d postpone your blog a few days to help her too…right?

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