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This is my favorite time of year! The days are longer, the weather is mild and wedding invitations/graduations announcements make their way to me.

Congratulations Cate!One announcement in particular made me smile….

A few years ago I met Cate when she came to interview for an intern position at Tangram Interiors. She was earnest, enthusiastic, and kooky with a good sense of design…and in the first five minutes she convinced me that we needed her as much as she needed us. During her time in our design department, she fit in well and happily completed every task we requested.

As Cate progressed, she came to realize that commercial interior design and designing office space was not for her. Fortunately, she fell in love with designing custom office furniture, and all that our Tangram Studio team has to offer. One quick change of major at CSULB (is there such a thing?) and she was on her way. She’s been helping Studio design sustainable and locally manufactured office furniture ever since.

Cate’s graduation announcement was on my desk this morning…with a note…text “YES” if I am coming…

Congratulations Cate!!!!

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