Spice up your life!

Baby SpiceWhat does IIDA’s Haute Couture Rockstar Event have in common with commercial interior design and architecture? It takes some pretty talented people to build band costumes out of commercial fabrics and materials…on top of their daily careers!

The designs displayed at this year’s event were UNBELIEVEABLE! We sponsored Taylor Architects with their “Girl Band” theme and rocked the Spice Girls!

We worked for 8 weeks on designing vinyl masterpieces, choreographing our routine, but more importantly…getting to know each other! I found out that Vicky Goodchild from Taylor grew up close to me in Michigan and went to Kendall College of Art and Design only a couple years before me!

Opening up with “Wannabe”…the crowd sang! We rolled from one song to the next, dancing and singing, Spice Up Your Life!! We rocked out that night and had a blast…would have made the Spice Girls proud!

Girl Power

Behind every custom office furniture project we work on in OUR business…there are rockstars making it all happen!

Thanks Taylor Architects for a great experience!

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