Heart, Passion and Inspiration

So today I was truly inspired. One of the best speakers, talking from the heart and with passion, Faye Washington with the YWCA spoke of her efforts to get the new YWCA built.

Faye Washington
(From left to right: Faye Washington – YWCA, Carol Schatz – CCA, Thomas Smith – NBC Universal)

On a “wing and a prayer” (probably lots of prayers, actually), Faye spoke of her efforts and her teams efforts to get this state of the art facility built not too far from Staples Center. Faced with countless roadblocks and hurdles, but with an unnerving passion and spirit, Faye has truly moved some serious mountains. From the moment she said good morning to the assembled room of Central City Association of Los Angeles members, she had made her way into my heart. She was incredibly infectious that there is no doubt I will be helping her at some point.

Perhaps there is an element of her project that will require custom office furniture, beds or tables such as what Tangram Studio provided for the Midnight Mission, the lounge areas that Tangram can support and service or even commercial flooring from our Flooring Team.  But if not, Faye will still have made a lasting impression on me as well as the other CCA members. Her candor and passion truly inspired me this morning.

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