Have you ever been in a rut at work…a slave to a routine? Have you been bogged down by gobs of tasks? Have things been “too busy”, “too hard”, or taken “too long”? We all get there…but how long do we stay there? Creating “standards” or a routine kit of parts is in many cases the goal with an office design layout and commercial interior design. Cost effective and what clients request? Yes! Repetitive and possibly rut inducing? YES!

Speak at Career Day? SURE!A few years ago, a certain two year old (my niece Emme) responded to questions in the following way; “too busy” (translation: No) “too hard” (translation: NO!) or “too long” (translation: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!) This drove her parents crazy. (It’s funny how her responses even at that age parallel excuses we sometimes make as adults.) Her parents much preferred (and who wouldn’t) when she answered “SURE!”

On one particularly cranky day with no inspiration in sight, too much to do and people wanting much more than I thought I could give, I gave up. I gave up the rut, the routine, the “too busy”, “too hard”, and “too long.” I changed my response and in return, it’s changing me. I decided to roll “Emme-style” and say “SURE!”…to just about everything. “Can you help me with interactive whiteboards?” “SURE!” I replied, even though I knew nothing about them. “Do you have time to review some samples from a commercial flooring vendor?” “SURE!” “Can you speak to this group of students?” “SURE!” I was surprised by what was happening. Giving more was actually taking LESS time, making it possible to break from the routine that was dragging me down! There were also unexpected opportunities: Speaking to first through sixth graders at a school career day. The best question from that day: “Do you know Oprah?” I wish!! (Note to Oprah…PLEASE call me so next time I can answer “SURE!” to that question.) Hosting high school students at our main office for a “job shadow” day and seeing their jaws drop when we picked them up in our company van. Critiquing final projects for a college course, and my favorite, actually having more time to do the parts of my job I love….working with our designers.

Signing off for now…SURE!

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