Cate Rohrig – Inspired Innovation

Cate RohrigBefore I started working for Tangram Studio I was the kid who stacked books together to create a spiral staircase up to my bunk bed in my shared bedroom.  From there I began nailing scrap pieces of wood together to build and outdoor furniture set; I was 10.  When I entered college I thought I wanted to work in commercial interior design. I soon found that it was the furniture that inspired some of the greatest interior design projects, and it was the furniture that often inspired me.  I quickly fell in love with industrial design and pursued custom office furniture design from there on out.  Working with Studio allows me to take a client’s needs and wants for their working environment and with an amazing team and create what they envision for their space.  That to me is inspired furniture.  When passion for innovation is combined with the need for an office interiors solution you end up with a Studio product.

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