Some Like it HOT!

The party everyone talks about but never knows what to call…was the best event for the group yet! Some call it Young Downtown Los Angeles, others No Networking Allowed Event, and only the brave call it 2 Jews and a Blonde Dude…whatever it’s called brought in over 600 guests to the Penthouse Suite of the AT&T Center last night!

Justin Weiss, Azzi Kashani, and Mitch Carricart make up the threesome people call “2 Jews and a Blonde Dude” – a group of friends that were sick of stuffy networking events where the one goal is to get business cards of prospective clients or partners. They started having these events about a year and a half ago and it’s grown into the sensational event it was last night!

Young Downtown Los Angeles No Networking Allowed The Penthouse Suite 2 Jews and a Blonde Dude

This event brings out Los Angeles’ finest from businesses like Northrop Grumman to organizations like the Weingart Association. Tangram sponsored the event with office furnishings from Steelcase and Coalesse…but the hottest part of the design came from a last minute inspiration from our commercial flooring division. Fred McGinn from Tangram Fabricators came through with some sexy red carpet tiles that were strategically placed throughout the space. What a hit!

The chairs were full, the music was pumping and the drinks were flowing. It may have been “No Networking Allowed” but when hundreds of people are crammed up against the bar to get a drink…you get to know each other pretty well! If you’re interested in attending the next event please contact me and I’ll get you on the list!

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