Drops in the Bucket

The “bucket list”….one hundred things to see/experience/become before you die. Do you have one? Do you need one? Each year, I check a few things off my bucket list, and add a few more. Some things are highly unlikely. For instance: “Become President of the United States”.

But what if….what if you wished for something wild and in spite of the odds and obstacles it happened?

I come from a family that loves baseball. As a kid, my parents ignited that passion by taking my brother and I to the Angels games. This was “back in the day” when Bobby Grich, Nolan Ryan, the great Rod Carew and many, many others played for Angels. My grandma, who turns 96 in less than three weeks still watches “her team” play every time they are on TV. (Full disclosure: Grammy now lives in Arizona, so she is a Diamondbacks fan now…but that’s a whole other blog.)

At any rate, I grew up loving baseball, and watching certain baseball milestones are on my bucket list.  For instance:

  • Angels win World Series – check October 2002…saw it with my own eyes!!Gotta’ love a comeback story!
  • See World Series Trophy in person – check July 2010 Fanfest…and I’ve got the photo to prove it.

I checked the most recent items off my list occurred yesterday and here’s the adventure:

Attend All-Star Game want (need) tickets. Tickets confirmed July 8…work calendar clear! Oh wait…shortlisted for an office furniture services bid, presentation on July 13 in the afternoon…no problem, I’ll bring a change of clothes. Customer running a bit late…no problem! Presentation done, clothes changed, on road…no traffic…this is an epic gift from the traffic gods! Pick up husband, grab tickets, grab snacks, set tickets down and head to game. Yep, I set the tickets down!!!!!!!! When did I realize this? One mile from the stadium! Crap!! Head home in traffic, pick up tickets and head back to stadium. Cannot access parking in stadium, head to off-stadium lot, pay $20…no spots in lot. My sweet and resourceful husband, spots tailgaters and convinces them to let us park under their awning (meaning they can’t leave until we leave.) Walk with crowd to stadium…jaywalk…cops whistle and yell, but a bunch of people follow us, and they can’t catch all of us. Make it to seats, with husband, with snacks and with marriage intact. Now surrounded by cool people in 85 degree heat. Watch MLB’s greats put aside their normal rivalry and show their stuff. That is enough for me! But wait, there’s more….in the 7th inning, Torii Hunter is at bat and FOX cuts away to a crowd shot…and well, my sweet husband and I were on TV (a secret item on my bucket list.) How do we know? We started getting phone calls and text messages from family and friends who knew we were at the game…and the tailgaters who let us park under their awning? As soon as we returned to our car, we were greeted with “Dude…you guys were on TV…we saw you!!!! Seriously!!!”

Two wild and secret things on my bucket list, DONE!!  I’ve got a new item on my bucket list…”win lottery”…you just never know!!


Look Mom, I'm on TV!




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