Celebrating Tradition

Elias 21 years. Guillermo 21 years. Fausto 20 years. “Mitchel, we miss your papa. We think of him often.”

About 21 years ago my dad, Hugo, and I hired some of the best employees a company could want or have. And all the years since my dad and I moved on from OnSite the tradition that was started many years ago of best-in-class service, met with an unwavering commitment to hard work and absolute customer satisfaction, continues today. Tracey Pauline, the General Manager of Tangram OnSite  (our refurbished office furniture division) hosted a lunch today to show his and his team’s appreciation for the work that Tangram and its affiliates bring to his group. Food representing every country in South America was on display. And how did it all taste? The same effort that goes into refinishing a table, reupholstering a sofa and cleaning a panel went into some amazing food.

My dad would still be proud of some the kids we hired long ago that are now parents and some even grandparents. A great tradition is still a mainstay at Tangram OnSite. And today’s management team is as committed to preserving their artistry for years to come.

Today’s luncheon and the staff from OnSite that cooked and presented the foods from their country was totally awesome. Glad to be a part of the Tangram family.  Check out the photos on our Facebook Page!

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