Bringing Home the “W”

Growing up in the small town of Hopkins, Michigan you learn that teamwork and community go a long way! We would all get together every Friday night to support our Hopkins Vikings football team. This meant not only the students, but the local banks, restaurants, and grocery store would close down between 6pm and 10pm every Friday night to support our boys in bringing home a “W”! Still to this day the community spirit for this team holds a weighted impact on the success of the team!

Driving into town from an away game was a scene like no other; fire engines and police cars sounding their sirens off as the football team drove into town with everyone cheering them on the entire way into the school.

I couldn’t’t help but think of my high school years the other day. The Tangram Studio team and I worked very hard on a recent custom office furniture project. When I got the word that we had won, it was awesome! Walking into the office receiving high fives and “great jobs”…super exciting…but the best part was sharing that “W” with my team! Without the support of each one of them it would’t have been.

The backbone of what we do every day comes from the people that are there to support and cheer you on every step of the way.

Now I know how the football team feels to bring home a “W”…

Way to go Studio!!!  Stay tuned for photos from the installation.

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2 Responses to Bringing Home the “W”

  1. Coach says:

    Loved your story about Friday Night Lights. What about the girls basketball team? Were they any good? Did any of them have the heart of a champion? Just wondering.

    • Lindsey Sage says:

      COACH! How did you find this?! The girls basketball team in 2000 was the best! I learned so much from that year! You made my day with posting this- brought tears to my eyes. I believe someone on the girls team was told she had a heart of a champion…what an inspiring Coach she had 😉

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