“Promise me…”

Words said from one sister to another as she lay dying of breast cancer in 1980. At that time, the disease was rarely discussed in public. Early detection was not emphasized, and aggressive treatments were often not prescribed until too late.

That sister’s promise has changed the lives of millions of women, and brought breast cancer research, diagnosis, treatment and early detection into everyday language. Mammograms are now standard for women at age 40, monthly breast self exams (BSE) are strongly recommended beginning at age 20. Caught early, the survival rate is at least 81%.

This past Sunday, Team Tangram (140 members strong) put aside our focus on office furnishings and participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. We all know someone, love someone, or work with someone who has been affected by this disease. We raced in honor of the survivors, in memory of those lost, and in order to fund research to eradicate this disease.

Until the disease is eradicated…please….PLEASE perform monthly breast self exams and have regularly scheduled mammograms…PROMISE ME.

Team Tangram - Designing Office Space and Fighting Cancer

Check out our Facebook page to see more pictures of Team Tangram at the Race for the Cure!



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