Evolution of Design

In any venture to create something, you stumble down a path of discovery and evolution. You start with a concept in your mind and from that you try your best to translate it on to paper – therein lies the first evolution, because we can never fully depict what we have in our minds. From paper you present the concept to others or in my case the Tangram Studio design team. And through the comments and collaboration of your peers you begin to discover new possibilities. Once ready to present the already evolved concept to the client it awaits even more evolution. The evolution of design ends when it is made a reality. Until then the design never stops evolving.

So often as a designer I see original concepts transform so drastically that trying to identify what the first original concept was, is sometimes impossible. You might be able to identify one similar form that has survived though the process, this being the dominate gene of the design, but most of the time you simply are left with nothing close to what you started with. Evolution of design is dictated by the needs of the end user, the demand of creativity, process of manufacturing and most often budget. We can start with an office design layout that is a rather involved U-shaped work surface with integrated storage and a panel support system and within weeks, and for the same client, we are making an L-station with a melamine panel, a box-box-file and two legs. Communication in any design process is very key; it can save time if done right. To be able to really understand a client’s needs from the beginning stages means saving time in the evolution of the design. It’s about asking the right questions, listening to the needs and translating and implementing those needs into the actual custom office furniture. It is an exciting, thrilling, frustrating, and fulfilling process.

If I had to explain it I would compare it to being like when you get a brand new box-set of Lego bricks, and you set out to build that space ship just like the picture they have on the box, but through a series of events (like losing pieces to the dog) the need to be creative in adding your own flare, you soon discover it looks nothing like the picture on the box. And as silly as your spaceship-car-house might be, it’s surprisingly better than what you set out to create.

Evolving Custom Office Furniture
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