So today started quickly and early…with a conference call, a meeting and a bid (with pre-work needed on each)…all before 10:00am. In the office furnishings industry, we do a lot of bids. We’ve got a large team on this bid, giving their best effort to WIN. Our chances of winning this particular bid are 50-50…the equivalent of a coin toss…a lot of effort for even odds. I’ll be honest, with so many bids in the course of the year…I definitely want high odds of winning…more than a coin toss.

For me, long work days + little sleep + high stress = cantankerous me, and I am working on it. This afternoon, I knew I needed to clear my head…adjust my attitude…refocus my efforts. So I took a break and walked to our small cafe area. ESPN was on the TV with commentary about football from the weekend before. I turned to leave, but noticed a co-worker focused on the screen, so I stopped and watched.

I watched as the story of Brock Mealer unfolded. Brock and his family were involved in a car accident Christmas Eve 2007. Brock’s dad and his brother’s girlfriend were killed in the crash, and Brock was paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors told him they were 99% certain he would not walk again. Brock was determined to walk. The insurance company ended his physical rehabilitation coverage at 200 outpatient visits. Brock was offered help by the University of Michigan’s football coach..an offer he accepted…and for almost a year he trained…so that he could walk unassisted once more. He accomplished this goal on September 4th as head led his brother’s football team, the Wolverines through the tunnel and onto the field.

The shirt he wore that day had 1% emblazoned across the front…his odds of walking. Sure makes 50-50 seem GOLDEN!! Back to my desk I went …inspired.

Brock Mealer - Defying the Odds
Photo courtesy of John T. Greilick / the Detroit News
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