I Don’t Have Time for This

Well, as I look back over the month plus since my last post, I wonder who in management has time to blog anyway. I know I have been challenged, and when I read all these fabulous posts that are out there. The New York Times. Elle Décor. Seth. Men’s Health. So, writers, technical experts, thought leaders. Technicians. So, what about us managers? Are we too busy managing to craft a provocative line of thought?

So, in between appointments the other day, I caught a moment of reading over take out Chinese. I am reading two works these days, The Marriage Artist by Andrew Winer and Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. You know, like on the Lakers website? So, in Rich Dad, the author spoke of how one of his dads said “I can’t afford that.”. The other said instead “How can I afford that?”. The first closes off possibility and shuts the creative process down. The second puts the concept into the active voice. Just because I can’t afford it today doesn’t mean I might not ever, right? The active voice keeps me in the game, opening possibility. The book gives this great counterpoint between opposing points of view and really has challenged me on the limits I sometimes accept for myself.

Back in our world of office interiors solutions, and while at drinks yesterday with some of our Steelcase colleagues, we were discussing the idea of designing office space into high-end residential suites that invite casual collaboration in a welcoming environment. We had been looking at buildings that morning and were challenging ourselves to go for what we thought was best rather than just the cheapest price. How can you have a penthouse space that shows commercial office furnishings, and have it work with your budget? Sometimes it is just a matter of scale. It is not either or, all or nothing. How, not if.

Our new calendar came out this week, and our Creative Communications Director included a great picture and a quote from Stephen Covey, ending with “Live out of your imagination, not your history”. Now that is the way to face 2011.

The market is picking up, and now is a great time to spring into action if you are able. Great hires can be made now, great talent is available where it once was not, incredible deals in real estate and the equity market can be had. But you need three things. First, the vision of what you want to buy. Second, the ability to buy. Third, the conviction to buy. If you have all three, you can transform your team, your department, your surroundings, your portfolio. But you have to be prepared to act swiftly. That is where the first point comes in. Get clear on what you want, and that will set you up for acting swiftly when the conditions are right.

I am up to my ears in that these days, which is why I am so busy. We have opportunity everywhere we look and the pace is picking up as we start to feel economic recovery. But I can still blog. How, not if. What a great time to fulfill your vision by taking some bold action!

The Tangram Interiors 2011 Calendar
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