Vintage is the Future

Recently, Tangram Studio was given an incredible opportunity to create a very well-known vintage clothing company’s new office space design. Known for their vintage bohemian style and worn denim, it is fitting that their new space will be located in the industrial district outside downtown Los Angeles.

Coming in at the very early stages of the project, we were able to work closely with the client directly to help bring their overall vision and feel of the stores into the design of the custom office furniture. They are firm believers that vintage trends are the future, and with that mentality they wanted their office design layout to give the impression that you were walking into the past. We found ourselves leaning toward freestanding tank-desk units, movable canvas screens, and bookcases with glass stackers; we not only created a concept to match their unique aesthetic, but designed it well enough to convince the eventual end user that they are working in an vintage environment.

We discovered through our research for this project, that vintage is not only valuable, but also in high demand. People love furniture that comes with a story attached. Unfortunately, vintage office furnishings are hard to come by and usually limited in quantity when available…which is why these vintage enthusiasts were thrilled to find that Tangram Studio could reverse-engineer some vintage classics and have them manufactured today!

I know you have heard it before but when Tangram Studio says we can really make your concept become a reality, we mean it. And when it’s as challenging as bringing the past into the future in vintage workstations, we thrive and work closely on the details that can really make or break a design. In this case, modern manufacturing had to be hidden and vintage fasteners exposed!

New Vintage Office Furnishings
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