The Thrill and the Agony…

…of a mock up.

The process is so great…and at the same time so miserable. I am sure that every custom office furniture mock up we provide shortens my life span by at least a year. When a client asks to see a mock up I know we are in for a wicked ride.

The Agony

Most mock ups are designed, detailed, engineered and manufactured in world record time. So one is always left wonder….did we think of everything? Will it go together? Are the details well thought through. This leads to most of the agony. The record speed that a mock up is manufactured within also leads to angst and anguish. Are all the holes in the right location, is the veneer to best available or what we could get in a few days? Will the person powder coating the panels at 9:30pm see all the edges and corners that need coating? All things that keep my up at night the days before a mock up. They also lead to multiple visits to the manufacturers to oversee all aspects while in production. It’s always easier to change a detail while in the factory than when the client is on the elevator on their way up to view the mock up (which is one of the benefits of using locally manufactured office furniture). The frantic bumpy road all comes together the day before the mock up when all pieces are brought together for assembly in what often looks like a scene from Extreme Makeover…crazed people running around with power tools not really sure what part goes where. I’ve been that person more than once.

The Thrill

Then comes the moment…the thrill, the reward, the sense of satisfaction. When it all goes together like clockwork and it looks beautiful. All the details are just what was imagined. Every time I see a mock up or installation for the first time I get this giddy, silly smile, goose bumps and a sense of awe. Somehow I am constantly amazed that the ideas put together by all involved actually become physical built products. This is the most amazing reward. Worth a year or two off my life.

Our latest mockup…

Custom Office FurnitureCustom Office Furniture

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