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Good Times in Mammoth
On a recent trip to Mammoth, left to right: Hisham, Muhannad, me and Joe.

In addition to having a great weekend with some good friends, I thought it was fantastic when we each took turns calling home to check in and listened to Hisham talk in Arabic, Muhannad, from Jordan, was talking in Arabic, Joe from the Bronx talking in Spanish and for good measure, I could be heard talking in Brooklynese.

Naturally, I’d inquire by asking “what language was that you were speaking” and quickly realized how awesome it could be if the four of us represented a greater percentage of the world at large. I then found out that we, under one roof, had a Muslim from Jordan, a Christian from Lebanon, a Catholic and second generation from Cuba and lastly, a second generation from Hungary and practicing Jew.

We each took turns cooking gourmet meals and shared some awesome wine, but what I found most inspiring was how different we each may have started our journey in life, but this particular group, once together, and although coming from varying backgrounds, I found inspirational by how well we all “played together.”

We are now in the home stretch toward the end of the year and with the holidays upon us, this was a great time for me to remind myself and those around me that with a bit of effort, there is a lot of good that escapes our view. But as I have just shared and am reminded by this photo, when you focus on a common thread, as different as some of us may appear, good food with good friends and inspiration abounds.

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